Two hide outs busted and huge cache of war-like stores recovered


Kupwara:   Based on a specific input, a search operation of Army was launched on 02 May 2015 in forested area of Gaggadhari Bahik in Tangdhar sector which resulted in recovery of a huge cache of arms, ammunition and war like stores.

Acting on a specific input of a hideout with large quantity of war like stores in the Gaggadhari Bahik of Tangdhar Sector an Infantry unit based at Tangdhar area immediately launched a search operation on 02 May.  Concerted search of the area was carried out by the search parties of the infantry unit. At around 10 am in morning hideout was unveiled resulting in recovery of 6 Pistols, 12 Pistol Magazines, 3 Chinese Grenades and one Compass. The search continued and at noon another hideout was busted resulted in recovery of 1 AK 47 rifle ,  2 AK 47 rifle magazines, 1590 rounds of AK-47, 32 Fired Cases, 1 Pikka Rifle , 2 RPGs, 1 Disposable Rocket Launcher and 1 UBGL grenade.

Meanwhile GoC 15 corps complimented the alertness of troops who braving the inclement weather conditions, unearthed the weapons and grenades there by denying their use by inimical elements.

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