Two meter long Snake found In Newsroom. Watch What Employees Did Next ?

Australia, Aug 01 : The incredible ease with which a woman in Australia wrangled a snake out of her office is impressing many on the Internet. A short video uploaded on Facebook by 9 News Darwin shows the snake coiled up next to a computer in the news channel’s office.

Writing on Facebook, the channel explains that on Monday, a cameraperson first spotted the snake curled up next to a computer in the editing suite.

Luckily, an employee who had experience handling reptiles safely removed the nearly two meter snake from the office.

In the video, the employee can be seen using a wire hanger to gently pry the snake away from the computer. She then fearlessly grabs it and tries to put it in a bag.

Kate Limon, a news director with the Australian broadcaster, also tweeted the video, provoking a flurry of reactions on social media.