Two ‘Minor’ Boys Killed A 3-Year-Old Girl Because They Thought Her Father Was Rich


Mumbai: Two boys, aged 16 and 17 years, had been noticing how relatives of their neighbour, Mumtaz, used to visit the latter in luxury cars. They assumed that Mumtaz, like his relatives, was rich. They had started planning on extorting money from their affluent neighbour a year ago.

In the process of finally executing their plan, the 16-year-old, who resides on the same floor as Mumtaz, had lured the latter’s three-year-old daughter, Juneiza Khan, to play in his house on 5th December 2016. 

After the little girl entered his house to play, the boys used chloroform to make her unconscious. She, however, started bleeding from the nose. Terrified, they then used a mobile phone charger’s chord to strangulate the minor girl. She died on 5th December.

They took her body to the terrace of the building in which the 17-year-old resides, and slipped it under a water tank. They used room fresheners to keep the stench of the decomposing dead body away. 


After carrying out the brutal murder, these two boys started making ransom calls to Mumtaz. They initially asked him for र1 Crore in return for his daughter. Mumtaz, who could not arrange for such a huge amount, reached out to the JJ Marg police station. A case of kidnapping by unidentified persons was registered.

More negotiations with his daughter’s kidnappers followed and the final ransom amount was decided at र28 lakh. The kidnappers asked Mumtaz to reach Kalwa railway station with the money on 24th December 2016. However, when Mumtaz started travelling in the train, they first asked him to go on till Titwala station and then asked him to throw the bag full of money at a certain spo

Mumtaz was adamant to hear his daughter’s voice, to ensure that she was unharmed, and then give them the money. The kidnappers failed to ensure that and apparently saw the police and escaped. Meanwhile, the police traced the calls to the flat of a 17-year-old boy residing in a building near Mumtaz’s.

That is how they narrowed down on the two culprits who confessed to killing the girl on the same day as they had kidnapped her. Despite her murder they had been asking Mumtaz for money and two weeks had passed.


Such crimes make us think whether persons aged 16 and 17 should be really considered minors. Being Indian hopes that these boys are given befitting sentences and commends the earnestness of Mumbai Police regarding the case.