Two Senior Congress leaders exchange blows at the Iftaar Party

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Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu, July 3: The ministers of the Congress party seem to have crossed all limits of maturity and dignity. They have now taken up the process of throwing allegations at each other. 

In a latest incident, two senior leaders literally exchanged blows and leveled serious allegations against each other during an Iftaar party that was hosted by the JKPCC President GA Mir at his residence. The senior leaders that were present there included sitting Legislators, former Ministers, senior functionaries of the party and the host himself.
The others had to actually separate the two leaders and later on, one of them left the party offended.
As per the sources, G A Mir, who had hosted the party, did not try to calm the situation nor did he attempt to stop the one who left the Iftaar party. He kept mum, as per the eyewitnesses.
The trouble erupted when one of the two leaders accused Ghulam Nabi Azad of sabotaging the party candidate in Anantnag by-polls by not campaigning for the party despite being present in Kashmir for more than a week. The other leader objected to the heaving allegation against Azad and instead turned his guns towards the former and designated him as the puppet of the Minister.
The arguments soon turned into violent expressions and finally leading to individual attacks, making the party atmosphere bitter and tense.
Some of the Congressmen describe the episode as a spontaneous series of events, however, some others call it a pre-planned incident that aimed at defaming Ghulam Nabi Azad and blaming him for Congress’s defeat in the Anantnag by-election.


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