Two transgender women gang-raped by Five men in Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi, Sep 5 : Two transgender women were allegedly gang-raped and at least two others were physically abused in their own home in Karachi’s Bilawal Shah Noorani Society last week.

In a video shared on social media, Sindh Transgender Network (STN) Area Coordinator Sapna said, “A group of men broke into a house rented out by a group of transgender womenand allegedly subjected them to physical and sexual abuse when they refused to entertain them,” the Dawn reported.

Three of the five accused men have been identified, whereas the identities of the other two remain unknown, STN Provincial Coordinator Ihsan Ali said.


“Police only took a complaint application from Sapna, they did not even order a physical examination which is a basic requirement for any rape case,” he added.

He also mentioned that the police has not visited the area in the past five days.

“We are planning to petition a court to get the police to register an FIR on Wednesday… Protests are also being planned for Wednesday, not just for this case, but also for other incidents that have taken place in the city against members of the transgender community in the past week,” Ali said.

STN Technical Advisory Board Member Sarah Gill, in a separate video shared on Facebook, confirmed that the community would be protesting violence against the transgender community in Karachi soon.

“He had done the same last week and we had to protest in front of the Nazimabad police station just to get an FIR registered,” Gill claimed.

Earlier, a transgender woman was shot dead in Karachi’s Defence area last week.