U4UVoice Impact: Political leaders react to the Rohingyas Illegal Settlement in Jammu

Jammu — After an exclusive story by U4UVoice on illegally settled Rohingyas being availed ‘Aadhar cards’ and other provisions; the political leadership across the region have come into action.

While Chaudhary Lal Singh, Honorable Minister of Forest, Environment, Ecology of J&K in the PDP-BJP coalition government in J&K strongly criticised the forces that are attempting to settle Rohingyas in the region. He said, “This action is being carried out purposely. The govt officials responsible for this must be duly punished.” It is pertinent to note that Rohingyas belonging to Burma have found a ‘safe haven’ thousands of kilometers away in Jammu. Lal Singh added, “There is no way a foreigner can be allowed to settle in J&K. It is very unfortunate to look at this situation.”


He stressed that Article 370 that prohibits any person from rest of India to settle here, let alone the West Pak refugees who have been longing for settlement for decades; these Rohingyas have found it convenient to settle because the previous govt has enabled them. He said, “These refugees should be thrown out of the state before its too late as these people have untrackable roots. They have been involved in militant attacks, drug trafficking etc.”  He added, “A bunch of Rohingyas were trying to settle in my constituency. I did not let them settle here.” He emphasised that the concerned departments, whether Urban, Revenue should come together to devise a strategy to tackle this menace.


Ravinder Sharma, State Spokesperson of Congress Party accused the ruling coalition govt for failing to take necessary action to expel Rohingyas out of the State. He said, “It is BJP’s complete failure to handle this situation. Rohingyas are thriving in the state when they are in power.”


Secretary, National Conference Party, Bashir Ahmad said that NC has always emphasised on the matter of State Subject and Article 370 for the preservation of rights of Jammu & Kashmir. He said, “It is unfortunate that Rohingyas have been allowed to settle in the region against the law.”  He showed concern over the Aadhar card being availed to Rohingyas. He said, “The centre has directed to link all sorts of facilities and provisions with the Aadhaar card, making it indispensable for the common citizen.” Although Aadhaar card esp in rural areas is still not prevalent. He said, “The State Govt stopped making Aadhaar cards in past which shows their carelessness. The ruling Govt. should ensure that all the citizens in the region have aadhar card before making it mandatory to avail basic facilities.”

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