Udhampur Highway- a grim picture of the Ministry’s planning

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The pictures were taken from the Udhampur Highway. National Highway, as we all know, is more than often crowded with vehicles- heavy as well as light, two wheelers, pedestrians, travelers, pilgrims and everybody else. The roadside barrier that can be seen in the pictures above, is barely a feet high. The barrier, as such, is intended to be a protection wall in case of accidents and road mishaps and the recent reports allege that the Highway is prone to grave accidents. It is broken and damaged at many places, the renovation has been going on for quite a long time now. But, a barrier of a feet’s length and hardly strong enough to hold a speeding vehicle is in no miraculous way, going to halt or stall the vehicle in time of need. With this feeble, short barrier, the vehicle is bound to go off road. If somebody loses control of the vehicle and skids of the highway, the barrier is barely going to resist and withstand the speeding vehicle. Result? The vehicle will directly fall in the deep ditch along side the road.

What sort of planning has the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways done, to protect in case of grave road mishaps? The barriers are intended to withstand the vehicle and not let the vehicle go off the road but in the images above, despite the fact that it is one of the busiest roads,a very grim picture of the ministry’s planning is being exposed. One can only think how safe driving on this road could be.



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