Udhampur MLA Pawan Gupta Demands Separate Jammu State


JAMMU: Movement of separate statehood for Jammu is gradually gathering momentum amid ongoing unrest in Kashmir Valley.
Independent Udhampur MLA and former minister of state for finance Pawan Gupta on Saturday demanded New Delhi to immediately delink Jammu province from Kashmir division else citizens would be forced to launch an aggressive campaign to achieve their objective of separate statehood.

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Pawan Gupta claimed in Jammu, “We have our own political, social and economical aspirations which cannot be met under the failed 70-year-old Kashmir dominated dispensation so we are ready to part ways from Kashmir and carve our separate state for Jammu.

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Gupta said we reject outright the demand of Kashmir leaders ranging from autonomy to self rule to Azadi to merger with Pakistan to free economic zone to religious state.

On the occasion, Gupta resolved to accomplish two goals – separation from Kashmir and a separate statehood for Jammu.

Gupta said the entire Kashmir Valley is gripped with radicals and the entire administrative machinery is Kashmir-centric and it is becoming difficult for the people of Jammu region to survive.

He said the people of Jammu region are masters of their own destiny and they will not accept any diktat either from Kashmir or New Delhi. He said it is due to the flawed policies of New Delhi the people of Jammu region have been suffering for a long time and now they are ready to launch an aggressive campaign to achieve separate statehood if course correction was not made by the powers be at the helm of affairs.

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