Rocky & Subhendu Rai- The brave Udhampur warriors who fought till the last bullet

On August 5, when a man holding a Kalashnikov stopped a BSF bus near Udhampur, it was constable Rocky who stood like a rock between lethal bullets and assured death for all the 44 jawans in the vehicle.

udhampur attack martyrs

udhampur martyrs

BSF director general D K Pathak said that had he not eliminated the terrorist, the lives of his 44 colleagues would have been gravely risked as the Lashkar militants were equipped with grenades and assault rifles. Noman tried to immobilize the bus and tried to open the doors and lob a grenade inside. Another brave soldier, Subhendu Rai, held onto the door keeping Noman from entering. Rocky emptied his gun’s magazine on Noman but in a very minute time, Noman’s associate Naved fired a bullet which pierced through his head. Pathak said that he fought till the last bullet.udhmapur bravehearts

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