UFO spotted in Jammu sky. People report alien sighting in Narwal-Bala


Jammu, April 1: In a bizarre incident, people residing in Narwal Bala area of Jammu have reported that they have witnessed human-like creatures but strange during the night hours yesterday.

U4UVoice recovered images from a CCTV outside a medical store. It is difficult to make out clearly if the figure is a human indeed or not from the image. A man claimed he had witnessed such a thing from his terrace. He said, “Ï was talking on phone when I happened to look at a strange shadow walking down the road in a weird fashion.” He added, “I just thought that it must be a drunk man and ignored it.” But his mind was blown when the next day he heard similar stories from his neighbours. Even pictures have been circulated over Whatsapp although none of it can be claimed as a proper evidence of it.

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The people have started filling the story up with their own versions. Another man claimed that he had actually seen a strange thing in the sky over the hills located at the backside of Narwal. “I saw a thing in the sky that shined brightly”, he said. “It did not move for a second when I could clearly see and trust me, it looked like a plate.”, he added. The immediate picture he took from his cell phone shows something as floating in the sky.

While many people who have rejected any such claims, the story created from the speculations is that a UFO must have landed in the hills somewhere behind Narwal. And reportedly, aliens had stepped out of it and strolling on the roads at night. The story has created a scare among people. A few curious group of men have taken charge to carry a search operation in the region where they suppose the alien ship must’ve landed.

Meanwhile, reports are coming in dozens that claim alien sightings but until a proof exists, these reports of Narwal-Bala sightings cannot be confirmed. Although this is not the first time aliens sightings have been reported in J&K. On 4 August 2013, soldiers of Indian Army have observed unidentified flying objects at Lagan Kher Area, Demchok, Ladakh, India and it is reported that army troops have observed more than 100 UFO movements along Arunachal Pradesh border area during the previous seven months.

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