Umar may not be from Kashmir but has a link with CUK Ganderbal


Umar Khalid, one of the first people to have been identified with the Anti-India agitation at Jawahar Lal University was during the initial phase was thought of as belonging to Kashmir. This entailed from the whole episode revolved around the hanging of Afzal Guru re the Parliament bombing case in which 9 people were killed.

That Umar Khalid is from Bihar is now known to all but a Kashmir link has been found now. Umar Khalid is a former JNU student leader, who is believed to be the main organiser of the February 9 JNU campus event in which anti-India sloganeering set the whole country on fire. The call records of two mobile numbers belonging to him, have revealed that over 800 calls were made from these numbers, many of them to Jammu and Kashmir, over a week’s period starting February 3 and 9.

Umar Khalid JNU

Umar Khalid, the former leader of Democratic Student’s Union (DSU) at present has gone underground. According to reports on India TV, 35 of the calls were made to J&K while 68 calls were received from the state. These details were released by Delhi police who are investigating the case.

Reports on India TV also claim that most of the calls made to J&K from Khalid’s numbers were to three particular numbers, while 4-5 calls were made to another number. One of these numbers has been traced down to an individual at Central University of Kashmir located in Ganderbal. Three other numbers belong to different persons.

Interestingly, the call records show that during the same period calls were made to Gulf Countries and even Bangladesh. The calls to the J&K numbers increased during the last two months and the Delhi Police suspect that this is also when the preparations for the February 9 event may have begun.

Umar Khalid allegedly went into hiding after the arrest of JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar on charges of sedition.

The FIR registered in the case have the names of both Kumar and Khalid. The search for Khalid, a Phd student from the School of Social Sciences, has now extended beyond Delhi to other states as well.

The call records further establish that Khalid was on roaming 17 times in the past one month, with locations spanning across various cities. This has led to the suspicion that during the period Khalid ma have been meeting people at other universities in order to mobilise support.

Khalid, however has not visited Jammu and Kashmir in the past two months.

The police has recovered Khalid’s laptop and are scanning the emails and other content for leads. Sources confirm that the police are probing whether Khalid received funding from anti-national elements through Kashmiri separatists.

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