Unauthorized colonies in J&K need immediate attention of Govt


Jammu Kashmir | Several “communal enclaves” coming up in the city and its periphery and the builders are making allotments on religious basisJammu city is under immense pressure because of rapid urbanization, and very high migration from the hilly areas of the state including Kashmir. In such a situation a large number of unauthorized colonies which are totally unplanned have come up on the outskirts of the city which accommodates the migrants, labourers from others states, and those who shift to Jammu during the winter.

The problem in Jammu is that civic agencies have shut their eyes, whereas law enforcement agencies have been in collusion with land sharks which has lead to mushrooming of colonies. These colonies have neither proper sewage systems, sanitation, drainage, roads, and other civic facilities needed for quality living of their residents. Only concrete structures get built in these colonies which have no basic infrastructure as well as government regulation. The colonies are developing as ghettos putting pressure on water, power and other facilities in the city. Traffic jams, perennial congestion on roads, lack of play grounds for children, no space for parks are the hallmarks of these unplanned colonies.

In the wake of massive growth of such colonies it is now imperative upon the government to regularize such areas, and bring some sanity into their functioning so that residents facing problems are not permanently harassed. A committee as such had recommended regularization of 21 colonies in Jammu, and 1 such colony in Jammu but the decision has been stuck in litigation. The High Court has made it clear that regularization is possible only when there is an effective policy in place in this regard. In wake of such a situation entire development work is stuck in these unauthorized colonies, and the government will need to take a quick decision to resolve this impasse.

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