Unchecked communal polarization in J&K could lead to disaster for the state


The increasing incidents of communal violence which erupt all of a sudden, and lead to damage of property in Jammu region as well as across the country does not augur well for the future. In Jammu, a few days back there was a communal clash near Bari Brahmana over a piece of land claimed by two communities which led to police imposing a curfew. In another incident yesterday in Bhoond area which falls in Basohli, there have been clashes between Hindus and Muslim over an alleged sacrilegious act which has led to widespread tension in Basohli, Mahanpur, Billawar and Kathua. The real issue is that Jammu and Kathua, and even hilly areas of Jammu are seeing increasing communal polarization despite the fact that a Congress-NC coalition which claims to be secular is at the helm of affairs. Right now there is little if any role of the saffron BJP in Jammu and Kashmir particularly in these areas, and despite this communal incidents are becoming the order of the day. The government should also close the Kishtwar violence probe and bring accused to book.IG

The police, and intelligence agencies will have to probe deeper into these incidents, and find out whether there is a particular agenda being followed by some anti-national elements or these are stray incidents. There is increasing apprehension in Hindu dominated Jammu region that certain political parties want to divide, and segregate Jammu on religious lines, and allegations have also been made about the demographic change being attempted in this region. If these incidents are stray, and not connected then the government in the interest of the state, and it’s people should rise above vote-bank politics and curb the eruption of sporadic violence. However, if this is happening as per the plans of an anti-national or a political agency then action should be initiated at the earliest otherwise the state of Jammu and Kashmir which has not been communalized completely will fall on this front as well. Chief Minister Omar Abdullah is young and dynamic with years of politics ahead, he must take the lead and instead of trying to win power at all costs, should find out a way in ensuring peace between communities. If this does not happen, J&K which earned the dubious honour of being second most corrupt state after Bihar could also become second most communalised after Uttar Pradesh.

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