Understanding women


Turn off your logic switch- we work on emotions

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NO, it does not mean we are stupid. Men are always taught to keep their feelings concealed as they have to act strong compared to their female counterparts ( it is something which society have  trained them for).Women machinery works in a different fashion, our actions are influenced by our emotions.

Words do not matter if they are followed by actions

understanding women
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For women actions speak louder than words and it takes time to please a women. Compliments might not flatter her all the time. It is important to make her feel whatever you are saying. Blaming them for fights or mood swings does not prove that you are always right. Apologising takes less effort  besides  we would probably realise your efforts and appreciate them later.

Bad day at office = Bad day at home

No need to jump into conclusions, it does not mean that we cannot keep our professional and personal life apart rather implies that we are emotional creatures . We are just a little more sensitive and expect men to be understanding and comforting.

Rejection is frightening

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It can be said that women do not have to face rejections not more than a average guy does. Still that feeling or fear of rejection stays at the back of our minds too. Anyway let us face it who would like to feel undesirable? Making the first move is really scary and one need guts to stay prepared for those situations.

Let her speak and there is no need to shift into your Einstein mode

understanding women
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When you have sensed that she is not feeling well, it will be better to listen to her problems rather than acting like motor-mouth blabbering all the suggestions. Women expect men to maintain eye contact and stay attentive and yes staring at cell-phone, computer or watching TV is considered rude and disrespectful. We do not want you to solve our problems but a patiently hearing our problems will be enough to make us believe that you care and love us.