Unemployment woes: Two youth commit suicide after not making it into police constables list

Jammu and Kashmir News

Rajouri: In the Dodasan Bala area of Thanamandi, Zulfikar Ali, 26, son of Bagh Hussian, was driven to despair after failing to get a job which left him feeling worthless.
Zulfikar consumed toxin and was found dead at his place. He was taken to the hospital, but it was too late. He died as soon as he was admitted. The body was sent for postmortem before handing it over to the family. As per the family members, not being able to make it to the list of constables that was announced on Saturday, had left him depressed. He didn’t talk to anyone nor did he eat anything the previous night. It was in the morning that the family found him unconscious and took him to hospital.
Another youth from Shahdra Shareef area of Thanamandi, Kamar Sajjad, son of Mohammed Aslam, consumed poison under similar circumstances. He was rushed to the local hospital and after the primary treatment he was referred to the District hospital Rajouri. As per the attending doctors, Sajjad’s condition was stable and out of danger.
All that desperate Zulfikar Ali and Kamar Sajjad wanted was a job. And eventually they were left so demoralized that they tried to take their own lives.
The police have registered a case and started the investigation.
The Government needs take an initiative into assisting the ‘lost generation’ of the state who are unable to find employment.

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