Unfortunate, insensitive Cong sees politics in PM Modi’s humanitarian gesture


JAMMU: Charging the controversial MP and former Union Minister Shashi Throor with seeing politics in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s noble gesture to visit the flood-ravaged J&K on the Diwali day to listen to the woes of the affected people and review the progress of the ongoing relief and rehabilitation work, Prof Hari Om, Political Advisor to the State BJP President Jugal Kishore Sharma (MP), on Wednesday said that the roundly-defeated Congress has lost its way. It is making irresponsible statements which would further erode the already rather shrunk support-base of the grand old party and make it irrelevant in the country’s fast-changing political scenario, he said.

“It was nice on the part of compassionate PM Modi to take a decision on his own to visit Srinagar on the auspicious day to interact with and  listen to the flood-affected people and ensure that the relief and rehabilitation work is carried on in the manner it should be to mitigate the hardships of the people. It’s unfortunate that out-on-the-limb Congress leader, Shashi Throor, had the temerity to see in the noble humanitarian gesture vote-bank politics. There is no politics involved in the decision of PM Modi. Compassionate and sensitive as he is, PM Modi only did what was expected of him,” said Prof Hari Om, and added that only the issueless Congress could make such irresponsible statement as “Srinagar is a great idea but it would have been better if there wasn’t an election looming in the state. Prof Hari Om reminded the Congress that PM Modi also visited the state soon after the incessant rain and the resultant flood devastated parts of Jammu province and Kashmir region, particularly parts of Srinagar city, to express solidarity with and offer the fullest possible support to the flood affected state.

“By making the nasty statement that he made, Shashi Throor has proved that the humiliating defeats of the Congress at the centre and in the states have rattled and confused the Congress leadership. It should have appreciated the PM Modi’s goodwill gesture like NC working president and J&K CM Omar Abdullah instantly did, but it thought it otherwise. It’s unfortunate,” said Prof Hari Om, adding that the Congress would soon become a story of the past if doesn’t learn lesson from its past mistakes and makes ridiculous statements.

Prof Hari Om also took to task Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for his uncalled for statement that the Government of India should appreciate the prevailing security environment in the Valley and withdraw the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from the state. “It is a matter of grave concern that Omar Abdullah, who holds the highest constitutional executive office in the state and is fully aware of the ground situation, demanded revocation of the AFSPA at a time when the dreaded ISIS recruits and idolisers are waving the black flags in Srinagar city on a daily basis and the Islamic State (IS) has been establishing its footprint in the valley to cause bloodshed of those opposed to its regressive and anti-humanity ideology,” he said. Such communally and politically motivated statements would not help the fallen-from-the-grace NC, Prof Hari Om further said, and added that the NC, like the Congress, is also destined to face political extinction.

Prof Hari expressed hope that the Congress and the NC would see reason and conduct themselves in a responsible manner to restore the political space they lost over the years owing to their unpardonable acts of omission and commission, insensitivity and arrogance.

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