Youngistan is ticked off; Says JAMMU HAS NOTHING – Here’s WHY


By Pawas Verma

No matter how much beauty and warmth Jammu offers you, something about the region continues to make you find it empty. Shallow perhaps? or just incomplete in some sense? I am certain the youth has always had grudges against Jammu, at some point in their lives at least. With age you might have started loving the peaceful aura the state offers you, but a few years ago? When you came back after your MBA from Delhi or perhaps Mumbai?


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The tales of our family picnics- From Bagh-e-Bahu to Jhajjar Kotli

Those were the times when your family happily planned picnics, calling all your aunts and uncles, to have an exclusive ‘family day’ at ‘Mansar Lake’. And the whole concept of school picnics could barely makes us think beyond ‘Jhajjar Kotli’. EVERY DAMN YEAR? Afterall, how many other places do we have, eh? Picnics have always meant a few miles of drive to find a peaceful corner at some anonymous hilltop. Because this divine place has never had any ‘real’ outdoor spots and unfortunately none of our parents realised that, I wonder WHY! Perhaps they were too satisfied taking us to temples every time we planned a day-out. Jammu Bagh-e-Bahu; Jhajjar Kotli Oh and Bagh-E-Bahu– our unforgettable saviour for all the times when our far-off relatives visited our place. What else these family picnics could mean to us while living in Jammu? Yeah, and some lucky times Patnitop trips could momentarily stop us whining. (well this could be just to make the place sound a little less worse).


We refuse to go ‘Metro

Since the state lacks the student-culture,MASSIVELY. Less institutions, less universities, naturally less student crowd and Less Students automatically equates to the no-clubbing culture of Jammu. All right, I agree, we are not that metro in our lifestyle ‘yetJammu‘, but is that how we are going to console ourselves every time? There are just three or four clubs in the whole city and they all require membership! the picture says the rest

Even the Box Office is so forsaken that a good English movie barely makes it way up here

wave mall Jammu And now as the whole world is advancing, Jammu prefers to stay a million steps back, with ‘pride’. The whole state was desperately waiting for the ‘Wave Multiplex’ to open last year and well now as it has opened, we couldn’t be happy anymore. None of the good English Movies could make it to this forlorn Box Office. Yeah some Action flicks were fortunate enough, being the ‘only’ exceptions. When the whole world was hooting how brilliant ‘Gone Girl’ was, we were scrounging the Internet for any Torrent file available. For ‘Interstellar’ we had to wait for like two darn months after its nation-wide release. And the mall being the lone place to hang around in the day,( since there is huge dearth of options), you happen to bump into your age old classmates, school mates, neighbors, relatives, cousins right at the entrance, well, because that is where everyone goes to.


To hell with girl Safety

jammu girls safe Jammu is a safe city for girls, which in other terms can be said as ‘ girls wouldn’t just step out of their home, late evening’. And why they don’t? Because there is no place here where you could happily enjoy with your girl gang, even if it’s ‘as late as 8 PM’. The city has no places to go to, in the night even for boys and apart from hurdling the roads with your biker gang you have nothing to add to your list.


Out with a BOY? ? ?

jammu And I would not dare leave this one behind- Going out with a ‘guy friend’ could make your day blissful with all eyes prying you from tip to toe. Oh, to clear your doubts, a guy and girl roaming around could either be a couple or brother and sister in some rare cases, and friends? no, no there is no such thing here. And going out as a couple? Well, reading all this, I am sure you already know the rest of the story.