Unique Restaurant menu ‘My Girlfriend is Not Hungry’


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Do you remember the episode from the American sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S in which Phoebe set Joey up on a date with her friend who took a few fries from his plate? He later refused to call the woman back only because “Joey doesn’t share food”.

It’s not just Joey who does not like sharing food. A lot of men complain that their girlfriends don’t order food saying that they are not hungry and then end up stealing food from their plate.

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A restaurant in Philadelphia has found a modern solution to the modern problem by adding a new item on its menu. The item is called ‘My Girlfriend’s Not Hungry’. If you order it, you’ll be served extra french fries, fried chicken wings or fried cheese sticks and it would cost you only $4.25.

A Twitter user (@scott_atwell88) shared a picture of the menu and wrote, “This restaurant owner is living in 3019.”