United Jehad Council assures no intrusion of ISIS, Al Qaeda in Kashmir

Forces 3Apprehensions that there could be intrusions of ISIS in Kashmir have been allayed by none other secretary general of United Jehad Council Sheikh Jamil Ur Rehman who said that there was no scope of Al Qaeda or ISIS of acting in the state on behalf of people because this was a local struggle. Reacting to the remarks of the senior army officials, Rehman alleged that this was an attempt to defame the Kashmir movement, and that insurgents in Kashmir would not allow outsiders to intrude.

Rehman further said that goal was to force India to resolve the Kashmir issue in accordance with UN accord. It is however to be noted that there have been increasing number of instances in which ISIS flags are being hoisted across the valley in the past one year. Intelligence agencies have also warned the state government and security officials of increasing radicaliztion of Kashmiri youth which might lead to increase in terror ranks.

Earlier, GoC 16 Corps, Lt. General R.R. Nimbhorkar had expressed fears that IS could join hands with LeT to launch attacks across the country. He said that terrorists would want to combine to spread their propaganda in the country. The Jehadis in Kashmir however have denied these allegations, and said that this was a move to defame their movement.

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