Unseasonal rains hit production in valley


Srinagar: The unseasonal rains and dip in temperature since March has increased the worries of the farmer community in Valley. Horticulture in Kashmir comprises of 3.5 lakh hectares out of 8.26 lakh hectare of agriculture land in Valley are dependent on agriculture. Agriculture and Horticulture played an important role in the state’s economy. About 70 percent of the population are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood.

The water table of land is high due to the incessant rains in the month of September when the whole of the valley is full of water. This increases the water table of the land and the land is not able to absorb the water which gets logged in the field. Due to this water logging the seeds gets destroyed and the production will be reduced by 20 percent which worries farmer. The farmers were also worried by the dip in the temperature which affects the pollination of the plants. Due to the cold temperature in the valley the production of the fruit bearing plants like apples affected.

The farmers observed that the temperature should be high for pollination of fruit bearing plants. They feared that if the temperature will not increase their production will be affected.

According to the officials the floods in September last year also hit the production by washing away the agriculture produce and cultivated land. The floods affected  nearly 6.48 hectares of agricultural and horticultural land  and decreased the production of food grain to 17.42 lakh metric ton against 20.65 lakh metric ton during 2013-14.