Untold Story behind Mahamaya Temple

Image courtesy: Online Media Sources

Mahamaya Temple, also known as Mohmaya temple in Jammu is an important site dedicated to a local female freedom fighter, Mahamaya, belonging to the Dogra community is not any famous God of the Hindu Pantheon but, a Dogra heroine. The temple is dedicated to this courageous lady who gave up her life fighting for her motherland.

Image courtesy: Online Media Sources
Image courtesy: Online Media Sources

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Mahamaya temple

According to popular legend, about fourteen centuries ago, she opposed the foreign attackers and valiantly confronted them. Mahamaya sacrificed her life to save the region from the clutches of foreign invaders. People honor her sacrifice and eulogize her to this day. Her courageous resistance is now a part of the glorious myth of Jammu. And hence not surprisingly an entire temple is dedicated in her honor.

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