Upset Over Birth of Girl Child, Grandmother Throws 7-day-old From Terrace


Bengaluru: A seven-day-old baby girl was allegedly killed by her grandmother in Bengaluru’s Myadarahalli on Friday night. The 60-year-old was upset over the birth of a girl child and threw her from the rooftop of the house when the baby’s mother was in the washroom, the police said.

The newborn’s mother Tamilselvi told police that on Friday night she handed over the baby to Parameshwari and went to the washroom. When she returned, the baby was missing from the house and the grandmother claimed some stranger had entered the house and taken the child away. Tamilselvi raised an alarm and the police was called in.

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A search was conducted in the area and the baby’s body was found in a vacant plot adjutant to the house with several head injuries.

Police said the accused, Parameshwari, has confessed to the murder.

The baby was born premature at a private hospital in Bengaluru and suffered from jaundice. Right from the day the baby was born, Parameshwari was unhappy as it was a girl and decided to get rid of her at the first opportunity, the police said.