Urdu a language cherished by both nations, can cement the differences


Urdu is a beautiful language that is spoken by everyone and serves as a adhesive link between India and Pakistan. It is the language spoken by people of both the countries, who are divided by politics and physical location, but who yearn to meet each other and proud of their common roots. Urdu has timeless poets like Faiz, Mirza Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir, Ahmed  Faiz, Sahir Ludhianvi, Javid Akhter,Bahadur Shah Zafar who have produced some of the most beautiful literature known. Prodigal singers like Jagjeet Singh, Ghulam Ali , Abdia Praveen and others have time and again proved that Urdu language has the cohesive strength to bring the two nations together, in spite of all the differences.Urdu has been celebrated at national level and has the cultural heritage of both the nations. Hence, steps need to be taken to conserve this traditional heritage and work in the direction of the unity of both the nations.

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