The deaths forgotten too soon- sacrificed and decayed under the veil of country-love: Martyrs of the recent militant attacks


                                                                      “shaheedon ki chitaaon par lagenge har baras mele

                                                                watan par mar mitne valon ka bas yahi ab nishaan hoga”

Jammu and Kashmir has started treading the democracy road but… things have never been so uncomplicated here. People want change now! and they showed it sound and right by the record saying over 70% fingers got inked in the first two phases of the Assembly Elections. Many forces struggle to make the crucial events more vulnerable and prone to chaos. But people this time despised those calls and came forward to shun them away, collectively and unitedly. The valley has faced a lot lately, at the cost of democracy we have lost many lives- the Uri martyrs gave their lives for the sake of country. But who stopped and stared to care about the lives shredded to protect us and the nation?
On November 27, the attack left 3 army men dead along with 4 innocent civilians. On December 2, the state went through another attack doing all, to shatter the wee remains of peace, making four army men stake their lives for us. December 5 marked another chapter of tears in the shared account of Jammu and Kashmir, staining the hopes of democracy seething inside our hearts. Uri,Souri, Pulwama, Srinagar- all these places bore the jolt of fear and horror, hurtling the people to think twice before stepping out to cast their votes on December 9. The day saw 21 deaths and soon their sudden absence will be decayed from our minds.
Shaheed Gurnail Singh’s family with two kids grieved after recieving his body. His children- Gurpreet Singh and Lovejot Singh have lost the shadow of their father and their future is stained with their haunting present deprived of fatherhood. So many other grieved chidhood accounts dust away in flickers and the absence of the missing fatherhood hovers over their life every gloomy dawn. Their sacrifice deserve a story to be averred with glory, a hostory to be remembered. We can’t pay them enough but the least we can do is to remember their sacrifices, recognizing the honor they deserve. It shouldn’t be just about financial security, the society should join hands with the families and vow to support them, that’s the least we can pay. Their bravery and galour should not decay with passing time and the families should not stay victimised, they should be made very much the part of mainstream as us, and should not be lost astray.
The paradise is forsaken again and the hopes perching within the walls of the valley, are fading soon enough. The lives have been lost already, the past of their families is ruined with the bleak future dawning upon them, unwelcomed and unheard. Unnoticed their lives took the twist and headed towards the thorny road of dark fate handcuffing their lonely shadows forever.



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