US-based Kashmiri doctors to launch ambulance service in Kashmir


Kashmir:Alarmed by the number of road accident deaths in Jammu and Kashmir, a group of US based Kashmiri doctors is all set to provide fully equipped critical care ambulances.

“In the absence of emergency service in the ambulances, the US-based group of Kashmiri doctors have launched a programme to provide fully-equipped ambulances with paramedics and junior doctors on board,” the group of doctors said in a statement on Wednesday.

The gesture has been prompted by the number of road related deaths and injuries, showing an alarming rise in Jammu and Kashmir.

“In such cases, the absence of pre-hospital care often makes it difficult to provide timely treatment to the patients. As a result, several lives are lost almost on a daily basis.”

To save such lives, a group of Kashmiri doctors named “Kashmera” based in US in collaboration with the state government and few NGOs, have launched a programme to provide ambulances to ferry the injured to the two premier hospitals in Srinagar.

The doctors said these ambulances, aimed at reducing the pre-hospital mortality rate, will be equipped with pre-hospital emergency care.

A study conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in 2017 stated that Kashmir has highest number of deaths and disabilities caused by road accidents.

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