US drone strike kills seven in Pakistan



Islamabad: At least seven people were killed when US drone launched missile strikes in South Waziristan in Pakistan’s northwest tribal area on Friday, local media reported.

Express News said that the strike was launched at a vehicle close to a militants’ hideout in Shonkrai Narai area of South Waziristan, a semi-autonomous tribal area along Pakistan- Afghanistan border.

The drone fired two missiles at the vehicle and kept on hovering over the area for some time, creating panic among the residents.


Identities of the killed people have not been revealed yet, but the outlawed outfit Sajna group has a heavy presence in the area.

Drone strike in South Waziristan came after a five-month halt as the US aircraft mostly hit targets in the neighbouring North Waziristan area.

Friday’s airstrike was the 13th of its kind in the tribal area of Pakistan since the beginning of this year. To date over 85 people have been killed in such attacks in the country.

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