Using children for militant videos is just shameful

Jammu, September 30: Circulation of videos by ‘jehadi’ sympathisers on social networking sites, which is evoking communal hatred among the people of Kashmir is already very disturbing. A new formula is being adopted by these hate-mongers and now these people are using children to promote themselves which is a matter of great concern.

In a video uploaded recently by a militant organization, a 10 year old girl has been featured singing a song and calling on Militants. The video has gone viral on the internet and this is a grave threat to the society. The militants earlier used to attack and then hide in the forests but are now making a real place for themselves inside the valley.

Militants give inflammatory speeches, morph images and videos with an aim to attract youth towards militancy leaving a deep impact on the people who watch and listen. Another video was uploaded few weeks ago which featured several local militant commanders in army uniform. Social networking has now become a tool for militants to glorify violence.

KB Jandyal, former Information Director, J&K is of the view that using social media as a tool to promote militancy is a matter of great concern and banning internet for few days is not at all a solution. The government needs to take some concrete steps to bring this nuisance to an end.

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