Kashmiri Stone-pelters admit to being paid for throwing stones at Army

Vacancies for the post of ‘Stone Pelters’ – daily wage workers !! Is this Kashmiriyat?

An exclusive report by a leading national media channel Aajtak states that the stone pelters are allegedly hired by handlers for a sum of 5000 – 7000 rupees. In a sting operation carried out, a ‘wanted stone-pelter’ is seen confessing that stone pelters are paid money to pelt stones at the army personnels, police security, MLA convoys and Govt. vehicles that pass by.



MOS Jitendra Singh said, “This is an organised system which has its roots in Pakistan.” He added, “It is the responsibility of parents and aware citizens to guide youth on the right path.” Congress leader Digvijay Singh also commented, “Congress has never compromised on the matters of national security. This news is a serious concern.” A section of Kashmiri leaders often come out in support of the stone pelters and encourage them to involve in such mindless vandalism. The so called ‘Kashmir struggle’ is in fact an industry dominated by artifice whose strings are attached to Pakistan. Leaders that incite the crazy mob to come out to streets and disrupt peace do so to sustain their false propaganda that has gripped valley for years now.

The valley known for its culture, tehzeeb – ‘Kashmiriyat’ has resorted to decadent means to support their so-called cause in exchange of money provided to them. The self-proclaimed ‘Jihadi’ and ‘Warriors of Islam’ are reduced to daily wage workers​, which in fact is the real picture. In a democratic country, the respected citizens have a right to express their resentment but not at the cost of law and order.

The stone-pelting trend that has taken a surge in past few months is display of vandalism and gundagardi – which is the exact opposite of the sentiment of Kashmiriyat. It is not only unlawful but a blemish on the pristine culture and ethos of Kashmir. It is shameful to see that our misguided youth has resorted to such means. This episode provides an evidence that the people of of Kashmir are fueled by insidious forces, preached and controlled to a degree that there remains less scope for the docile young minds to find a voice of their own.

2 thoughts on “Kashmiri Stone-pelters admit to being paid for throwing stones at Army

  • March 31, 2017 at 2:48 am

    ha ha ha only mad and crazy person can believe on this video clip which is staged drama and how can it possible that thousands of youth pelt stones mere in exchange of five or seven thousand rupees and put their lives on risk for nothing. can sponsors bear such huge amount which goes to billions of rupees monthly. such heinous propaganda by Indian media will not serve Indian interest and contrary force the youth to raise arm struggle against India again and if happens this time then India has to pay a huge price in retaliation.it is obvious from this video clip that it is fabricated and it has nothing to the ground reality.

  • March 31, 2017 at 9:42 am

    You made people Kya hua traffic k liye Kashmir ko badnam kar rahe hu
    Sharam Karo
    Isse bethair that porn site khol k traffic milega
    Khuda aap logo pe reham kare


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