Valentine special: Ten places which you should visit with your partner.

If you have cash in your pocket and you want to enjoy this Valentine day with your special one, you must take a trip to one of these places.

Goa’ s sunset

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Goa is a romantic destination for the lovers.It is located at the coast and thus provides you an amazing experience of the sunset. The ambience will automatically uplifts your mood fading away your inhibitions. Do visit this place to soak up some love.

Near any lake

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Rent a boat and enjoy a charming boat ride on the lake with your partner. Plan visiting a lake this Valentine day and enjoy amazing time with your partner.

A night at Thar desert

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Desert is known not only for daredevil activities but the night experience of the place is unmatchable. The view of the twinkling stars in the dark sky above the desert is heavenly.

Lake Palace of “Udaipur”

lake palace udaipur
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Rajasthan is famous worldwide due to multiple palaces and The Lake Palace of Udaipur is one among them which is considered as a beautiful place. You can visit the palace with your partner and experience some special moments.

Agra’s Taj Mahal

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Taj Mahal is a monument which was made out of love. Shahjahan made this monument for his wife Mumtaz Mahal and is one of the stunning buildings of the world.

Express your love while Scuba driving

scuba diving
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Sea provides you an opportunity to express your feelings for your love. You can actually describe your sea of emotions while Scuba diving in the sea, what else could be more romantic?


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Kasoli is a place which is surrounded by mountains and you can visit this beautiful place with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The lush  green valley will captivate you  and i can promise that you  will be enthralled by its beauty.

In the middle of Himalayas 

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The feeling of tranquility which you must be searching to experience can be found  in the hills of the Himalayas.

Nahargarh Fort

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The Nahagarh Fort is located near Aravalli Hills in Jaipur city. You can actually see the whole Jaipur city from the terrace of this fort. The beauty of the fort is captured in some bollywood movies as well like Rang De Basanti and  Shuddh Desi Romance.

Jaisalmer’s sunset

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I know it is dangerous to visit this place  still if you have any desire experience  the hiding sun from the end of the mountains of sand, you must go to see this.







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