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You can also find yourself on the U4UVoice Valentine Wall of Love. Send in your love confession , love story, favourite moment with your loved one along with the details(optional) and photographs(optional) you want it to be published with and we will make a special greeting for you. And feature your post here. Details below:




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Confession # 6

From Ikshita to ‘A’

I don’t know if confessing it on somebody else’s wall would help me or not but I still want to try reaching him whatever way I can. We stayed in a relationship for two years. I lived in Jammu and he was in Pune, hence we had to manage a long distance relationship. The first year was the happiest time of my life but eventually things started getting messy and I didn’t even realise how bad things had become. We used to fight all the time and suddenly he just walked away. It has been a year now but I still wish I could figure out why he did that. Every unknown number calling on my phone makes me think that it could be him but well, sadly he has not contacted me since that day. I don’t even understand what my fault was. Two months ago I bumped into a mutual friend of us and got to know that he is still in the same city and is doing very fine.
I hope he is happy, wherever he is and I do want to say that I love him the same even now. What makes me sad is that I don’t even know the reason of my suffering. I still don’t know why he suddenly stopped talking. So, ‘A’ wherever you are I wish you the best for every tomorrow and I wish that you care to call me someday.
Still yours


Confession # 5

From R.G. to Annurita Ma’am 


Hi U4UVoice
This is a confession of my childhood crush, or the first time that I ever felt weak in my knees. I was in class 7th and she used to come to my class daily. I used to day dream about her, listening to her voice, her curly brunette hair, her long slender demeanor, her breeze like walk, her poetic voice, her coffee brown eyes. I was head over feet for her. But then, she slapped me once, for I was too engrossed in her when she delivered her lecture. Yes, she was my Hindi teacher. But this love story just stayed a story in the pages of my diary when she left the school. She returned to school after two years, but by then, she was married.

Confession # 4

From Anuj to his loving family 


Well, I don’t have any particular person I would like to confess to but I do love my family more than anything else in the world. I would like to wish them all through U4Uvoice.

Confession # 3

From Harshit to his ‘angry’ girlfriend



I do wish to apologize to my girlfriend, as I was out of station on Rose Day. She is angry with me now. I am extremely sorry and I want to tell her that I love her.

 Confession # 2

From Nishant Sachdeva to his beloved Mother


I don’t have any girlfriend but I would like to wish my mother. Two days before, I had a fight with my mother over dinner and I didn’t apologize since that day. Now, I feel bad for yelled at her for no reason. I love her.


Confession # 1

From S.G. to P.G.

Hi U4U Voice

Here is my confession about a girl who was my friend once upon a time. She is not my friend anymore because she is married and I don’t like to keep in touch with married women. She follows your page too and I am hoping her heart will melt after reading this confession. I will just use her initials here so that she realises who I am. Her initials are P. G. and I want her to know that I really love her even now.

Dear PG, this is SG. I still remember our Commerce college days. You were such a good friend with me. I have no idea why you stopped talking to me after you got engaged with GM. I have never told you, but I had a major crush on you in college. I was scared to tell you anything because of our height difference. I always thought people will make fun of us as couple because you are taller than me.

I never told you in college so that you don’t get angry. But now you are married. I cannot control my sadness. I was going to post it on my FB but now I am posting it on someone’s FB. I really love you. Please, I love you. If you read this mail and if you were also in love with me in college then please call me. You have my number.

Yours always                                                                                                                                                                    SG,                                                                                                                                                                             Sector-2 Extn, Trikuta nagar