Vested interests now question grant of funds to Jammu province to build roads


Poor condition of roads (2)Once again the anti-Jammu sections in Kashmir valley have opposed the allocation of funds to Jammu under the Central Road Fund thus indicating that they will not stop undermining the interest of this region come what may. Vested interests have alleged that Jammu region has walked away with major share from this fund meant to build roads.

While the Jammu region has indeed been granted a large amount under this fund but it has to be noted that the condition of roads in this region is very bad compared to valley which has gained from the largesse of the state, and central government for the last 60 years. Secondly, the area to be covered in Jammu is far bigger as compared to Kashmir valley and several hilly districts in this province have extremely bad roads, which has led to multiple fatal accidents.

It is also to be noted that while road length density in Kashmir region per km is three hundred ten it is one hundred and thirty eight for Jammu province which tells the extremely poor condition of road infrastructure here. A task force on road infrastructure tells that Doda district which has huge area has road length which is proportionally very less, and the density is only five point two kilometers. In Rajouri the density is only nineteen point four kilomtres whereas Kathua has density of only twenty nine point five kms. It is only Jammu which has density of 55.4 Km but that is also much less than Srinagar and Kashmir valley.

The data above clearly shows the hollowness of the allegations made by Kashmir centric sections in our polity and civil society. It is time the political parties and governments both in Kashmir and Jammu call off the bluster of these so-called champions of Valley.

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