VIDEO : Army’s Tiger Division organises weapon and equipment display at Jammu


‘Weapon & Equipment Display’ was organized by the Tiger Division at Zorawar Auditorium, Jammu today. The display of Weapons & Equipment was witnessed by large numbers of people across all the age groups & genders.

The youth seemed to be highly motivated to see the military equipment & also to get a feel of it. Some of them even declared spiritedly that they would like to join the army.

Therefore, besides the magnificent weapons on display, a stall showcasing various options for the youth to join the Armed Forces was also a centre of attraction.

Military display of weapons has been a methodology to not only showcase knowing ones Army, but also gives a sense of pride and faith in the custodians of national security, in the heart and minds of the local populace.


Watch Video :

Major General Sanjay Singh, the General Officer Commanding, Tiger Division while inaugurating this one day event, rightly brought out that such displays, besides providing exposure to people, also contributed in bringing the uniformed fraternity closer to civilians, whose faith would prompt them later, to encourage their children to take up the profession of arms as a career option.

The Tiger Division has the unique characteristics of being located in areas around some of the most thickly populated region of the state and regularly conduct events that bolster public support which has time and again proved to be the critical force multiplier for them time and again.

The event exhorted the sentiments of every soldier towards citizens of this country.

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