VIDEO: Jammu Crowd Goes Crazy As IG Basant Rath Dances to song ‘Gaal ni Kadni’ (Watch Here)


IG Traffic Jammu who is news for one thing or the other, made the crowd go berserk with his surprise entry at an event in Jammu.

IG Basant Rath aka Singham was welcomes amidst cheers as he took to the stage with Punjabi Superstar Parmish Verma at a music event held at Gulshan Ground, Jammu.

The roar from the audience was so huge that Parmish Verma was compelled to remark that IG has almost equal Fan-following in Jammu as Parmish Verma himself.

These 5 Top Picks from the Event will surely make you want to put on your dancing shoes too, Watch Below:

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