Video: Medicos seen dancing around patient preparing for surgery; fired!


Inside a hospital, especially around the operation theatre, you see a sense of emergency in and around the doctors and the medical helps. There are lives to be saved and wounds to be healed, which is why, a doctor’s job is known as a life-saving vocation. But if a video going viral is to go by, it seems that is probably not the case everywhere. The shocking video shows nurses and doctors, reportedly from Columbia, dancing around a patient as he was being prepared for an operation. The video has garnered huge outrage and backlash on social media and apparently, the medical staff has been fired after they broke “all health protocols”. The outrageous clip shows the staff in shrubs seemingly mocking and dancing, amidst laughs, around a patient lying upside down with no clothes on him. The incident reportedly took place at the Santa Cruz de Bocagrande clinic in Bolivar in Columbia.


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