Video of a Kashmiri old man singing a bollywood classic goes viral!

A video has gone viral that shows an old Kashmiri man singing the title track of film Dil Diya Dard Liya (1966). 

The man who looks like an ancient dilapidated sage is seen seated in an auditorium, probably surrounded by a bunch of people who accompany him in the chorus.

Quite flamboyant in his style, he surprisingly sings the bollywood classic song, originally sung by Md. Rafi in proper accent.

Holding a four square cigarette in between his fingers, he is seen making gestures and hand movements in sync with the dips and crests of the pitch & scale of the song.

It is surprising a cool old man could remember lyrics and composition of a 1966 song by heart. It’s evident from the few seconds when he hums the tune of the song to fill in before beginning the next stanza.

He points his strangely long middle finger to the camera vehemently at the refrain ‘dil diya dard liya’ to assert his expression, probably directed to his mehbooba.

It’s a great moment to see talents in our state who are such passionate human beings by heart and not mere entertainers. It brings utter joy and sense of humor amidst a tense atmosphere.