Vikramaditya episode exposes true face of Congress: BJP


JAMMU: The ongoing feud in the Congress over the statement made by Vikramaditya Singh, the Congress candidate from Doda-Udhampur parliamentary constituency has exposed the radical face of Congress much like the other Kashmir-centric parties, stated a press release issued by the party at its Headquarters in Jammu.

While the party condemns the language used by the Jammu based Congress leader, it supports the sentiments behind the same. The verbal onslaught unleashed by GM Saroori and Saif-ud-Din Soz on the new recruit in the party who dared to defy the Kashmiri-narrative of the happenings of the gory day of 13 July 1931 clearly shows the mind- set of the Congress leaders which is nothing less than exclusive and radical, accused Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of the Party.

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Soz has gone to the extent of calling Vikramditya, “a sick mind,” just because he chose to speak the truth and challenge the manufactured narrative of Kashmiri-victimhood blaming the then Maharaja of atrocities. The fact is that on 13 July 1931, Kashmir saw a well- planned revolt (backed by the Anglo-Muslim Alliance) against the Dogra ruler and onset of radical and communal politics aimed against the minority Hindus. The British had recruited Abdul Qadir, an outsider and a local leader Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah for the purpose, stated Brig Gupta.

Soz terms those who attacked the policemen and attempted a jailbreak by storming it as “innocent Kashmiris” much like those who till recently were pelting stones on security forces and Kashmiri leaders hailed them as “misguided, innocent boys.” He further blames the Dogra Army for massacring the innocent Kashmiris. A narrative completely spin doctored to create communal hatred, alleged Brig Gupta.

The stand taken by the Kashmiri leaders including those of other Kashmir-centric parties also exposes their intolerance for their counterparts in Jammu. Used to complete Kashmiri dominance they are in no mood to yield the space to Jammu based leaders, rued Brig Anil Gupta.