Vikramaditya strongly condemns statement against Maharaja Hari Singh

Srinagar, June 6: Senior PDP leader and MLC, Vikramaditya Singh today strongly condemned the statement of independent MLA, Engineer Rashid made in the Legislative Assembly where he said that the name of Maharaja Hari Singh be removed from SMHS Hospital, Srinagar. Vikramaditya said that Maharaja Hari Singh’s name is synonymous with the delivery of justice and, the social reforms brought about during his time remain unprecedented.

The MLC and great-grandson of Maharaja Hari Singh said that people are misled and made to forget that he brought about strong laws for environmental & wild life protection, opened doors of places of religious worship for the backward classes, provided for healthcare and made education for girls compulsory. Vikramaditya further said that Maharaja Hari Singh framed laws to protect and promote Sericulture, Chinar and Walnut trees, precious herbs and plants, fisheries and many such other fields.

Vikramaditya asserted that even today, sentiments of lakhs of people all over Jammu & Kashmir state are attached with Maharaja Hari Singh. He said that Engineer Rashid should refrain from making derogatory and provocative remarks that would fuel public emotions. He said that it is statements like these that provide fuel for the prevailing vitiated and polarised environment in our State.

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