The VIP culture has to go. A personal incident at Wave Mall, Jammu


If you have faced a situation like this and had nowhere to vent it out, U4UVoice offers it’s space to you. Everytime you face such a situation, use that camera phone of yours and send in pics and videos of VIPs abusing their power. This is an everyday issue and needs addressing Be a responsible Citizen. Become a Citizen Journalist and send in your entries.

We promise, we will address all such issues in the state. Let us make Jammu and Kashmir a better place to live in.

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Why is a very important person (VIP) an important person? What qualifies a person to be a VIP? Just an exam?

Off with the bloody VIP culture!

We then have VVIPs who do not think enough of the VIPs. The powerless citizens hate VIPs, the VIPs hate VVIPs and the VVIPs do not care about anyone. Not exactly a vicious circle.

Why are the VIPs given the undue Mughal-e-Azam or Angrez Babu kind of respect? There are multiple cases of these people even demanding respect.

TU JAANTA HAI MERA BAAP KAUN HAI?’ is the official cliche for people who keep forgetting the names of their fathers.

I was recently at the Wave mall for a night show of the Bourne Identity+Argo inspired bollywood flick Baby. The movie was quite long and ended at 12:45 am. The movie in itself was not very bad but not seeing something original once again from our Film industry was quite disappointing. It was nice to see a group of elderly people in their sixties, who had also come in for the same show.

Me and my friend were walking towards the elevator side by side with the elderly group of people. Just behind us also were two personal security officers (PSO) of a highly placed Police Officer in J&K. I will not take the name of this person because I am scared of not knowing what a VIP can actually do. This is what the VIP culture has done to us all. We respect them out of fear. Shame on us too.

If you have been for a night show at the Wave Mall, you may have noticed that only one elevator is functional for the late night moviegoers. I pressed for the elevator. The doors opened. Me and my friend entered with the elderly. The PSOs walked in too. One of the guys stood in the middle of the door though and we understood his BOSS was to come too.

3, 4, 5,….., 10, 11,…, 20 minutes and waiting. Twenty minutes and this PSO did not budge from the middle of the door. In twenty minutes the lift would have gone down and back up twenty times. By now all of us had spoken to the PSOs more than twenty times. These guys gave the dirty looks to shut us up and the elderly did. Me and my friend kept asking for these guys to let the elevator go. An elderly aunty from the group who seemingly had difficulty standing that long also requested these PSOs but they didn’t listen. The VIP Cop walked in and we complained to him about this behaviour. He apologized and looked away. That was that!

Twenty wasted minutes of my life obviously had no value for a VIP. Who gives the VIPs these privileges? And why do not enough people voice their view about this? Do you even know what you are all of even scared of?

This is not an imaginary story. I am sure you have faced this more than a few times. The VIPs secure their positions to do work for us and not because they can walk around as kings and queens. If you think this is wrong, write in to us with Images and/or Videos and we will publish it. Let us join together in putting an end to this practice.

We are all equal. All of us are equal.