Viral audio: Cop hurls abuses at caller; acknowledges accepting bribe from him


Jammu — If somebody happens to make a call at Narwal Police Chowki to register a complaint, beware that you might have to face a series of abusive words and foul language. Police department which a public body meant for public safety & service often involves in activities that portrays police brutality.

In a similar case, an audio surfaced in which Sub-Inspector Ravinder Baloria PP Narwal Wireless Operator is heard using abusive language in a conversation with an auto-driver. The police official is heard threatening the poor auto driver who has alleged that he often demands ‘mobile- topup’ in form of bribe from him.


The matter has been brought to the knowledge to senior official who replied , “There are few black sheeps in Police department just as they are present in any organisation. We need to make people aware that telecom wing has nothing to do with Crime detection or control. However, an enquiry has been initiated and any person found guilty will not be spared.”

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