Vote Is Your Weapon To Protect J&K’s Honor :Dr Abdullah


(Online media sources)

Farooq Abdullah rejects agenda for uniform civil codePresident National Conference, Dr Farooq Abdullah Sunday said that these Assembly elections provided an opportunity to the people of Jammu and Kashmir to reiterate their voice and political aspirations by defeating all designs to rob the State of its distinctiveness and political stature. In a statement issued from London, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said the right to franchise was a potent weapon in the hands of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and they should use this weapon to defend their State, its rights and the future of their children.

“I am very encouraged from reports and signs of an impressive consolidation of support by National Conference in the State and express my joy at the historic mobilization achieved by our cadre in the face of adversity and cynicism. I am certain that National Conference will continue with this historic mobilization and consolidation of support and will yet again by the bulwark that protects Article 370 and the political sentiments of our people”, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said in the statement.

Dr Abdullah asked the people of Jammu and Kashmir to beware of those political individuals and entities within the State who have sold their soul to BJP in return for political and financial patronage. “This is a battle between National Conference and BJP and BJP’s covert partners within the State, including the PDP. Both BJP and PDP are two sides of the same coin and they have common interests in weakening the State, in abrogating Article 370 and in fragmenting the voice of our people. The voters should make a distinction between all these parties, individuals on one hand and the flag of National Conference on the other hand. From the ground reports, the people have already endorsed National Conference in the first two phases and I am sure this trend will continue in the remaining phases of the ensuing Assembly Elections”, Dr Abdullah added.

Dr Abdullah asked the people to vote in large numbers to thwart all designs to foist postal-ballot MLAs on the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “High voter turnout in these elections is the biggest line of defense for J&K against BJP and its covert allies,” he added.

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