Want to know where Virat wants to go with Anushka? Check here


Only a few days are left for Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma to celebrate their second wedding anniversary. The couple has been trying to squeeze in time for each other amidst their busy schedule. Virat has been leading the Indian cricket team for several matches back to back and Anushka is also completing her several professional commitments. But they make sure to be with each other during important occasions recently being Kohli’s birthday.

Now, during an interaction with Economic Times, Virat revealed that his urban pleasure is going on a long drive. The Indian skipper further stated the company he needs for it and wasn’t surprising at all. He said, “My wife would be the perfect companion.”

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Virat also said, “We have not been able to go on long drives recently because times have been hectic.” He added, “When we do get time, we go on holidays mostly. Maybe when I spend more time in the city, (am) more at home, we will find places to go for long drives.”

The handsome cricketer went on to share, “I think the highways are a good place to get on for long drives and see where you want to go. You don’t really think where you want to go for a long drive. You just get into the car and find a long stretch which is neverending and just keep going. When you are done, just turn back and head home. That is the idea.”

He concluded by saying, “The best time would be at night when there is less traffic. Put on some music and just get out there. Some great weather would also be handy. In the future, when I am in the city and at home, we would be going for that long drive.”

That’s an interesting plan!