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War on corruption: Action against 2nd list of corrupt officials delayed

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Ministers personal staff, Mufti asks ministers to take approval, relatives of ministers in Jammu and Kashmir, relatives of ministers in Jammu, relatives of ministers in kashmir, relatives of ministers in J&K government, Mufti Mohammed Sayeed PDP, PDP-BJP coalitionWith the second list of corrupt officials who were to be axed by Mufti government gathering dust the political resolve offending corruption in the state seems to be withering. The second list has been compiled by the investigative agencies but it has been kept under wraps due to alleged pressure from interest groups, and powerful politicians in the state. The failure of the government to revive the State Accountability Commission has also caused heartburn among the masses who were expecting action against the high and mighty.

A panel which had to meet under the chairmanship of state chief secretary to approve action against officials mentioned in second list has not met. This has lead to delay in action, and critics have started to accused the coalition government of inaction due to pressure of corrupt elements. The investigative agencies have worked hard to find out the details of wrong doing of corrupt elements, and has framed watertight case against most of the officials. If action is not taken by state government under pressure then the morale of the investigators will also go down, said sources.

The failure of State Accountability Commission to come down heavily against political corruption has brought a situation where people have lost faith in the system. Not even a single corrupt politician, or top bureaucrat has faced action from SAC thus forcing people to question it’s relevance.

As far as against action against the corrupt officials is concerned, there are indications that few ruling politicians are trying to save their cohorts from action. Likewise the SAC has remained moribund since its formation in 2003, and it has failed to act against institutional corruption.

Sources claimed that a few ministers are trying their best to push the issue under the carpet and are misleading the Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, who is spearheading the war against corruption.

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