Was foreign hand behind violence during Sikh protests?

Jammu Kashmir News | the government has defused the tense situation in Jammu by acceding to the demands of the Sikh communityWas there a foreign hand involved in the recent violent clashes of the Sikh community with the police in which one Sikh youth died, and several police officers were injured critically. Sources tell that intelligence agencies have started investigation to know whether the sporadic violence was planned, and orchestrated from elements across the border. The reason for this suspicion is that while majority of the protests were peaceful but at some places groups of youth were seen instigating the people to attack the police, and carry out violent acts.

The hand of foreign elements is not being denied because radical groups based in Pakistan which are in cahoots with intelligence agencies want to create disturbance in Jammu region on the directions of their bosses. The agencies are also probing the role of motorcycle borne groups who were seen roving the streets, and attacking innocent people without any provocation. Sources also said that the intensity of anger, and violence during the protests indicated that there was someone behind the scenes which led to the death of an innocent sikh youth, and injuries to police officials.

The intelligence theory is not based on conjectures but on the revelations of a youth who was arrested last year, and disclosed the game plan being hatched by anti-national elements across the border. A raid was conducted last year, and police arrested two youth who were part of this plan to create disturbances in Jammu region. The terror module as backed by Pak based terror groups, and funded by separatists in Spain and United Kingdom with the objective to revive militancy.

The agencies are also trying to strengthen the local network to ensure that tension brimming underneath the surface is reported in real time so that authorities have time to handle the challenge.

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