Was JKCA created to kill the careers of cricketers?

Srinagar, 4 May: State Ranji player and fast bowler Mehjoor Ali Sofi was all set to play in a club-level cricket tourney in England but little did he know that the internal politics within Jammu and Kashmir cricket association (JKCA) was going to crush his dream.

25-year-old Sofi, who has played in five T-20 matches so far, had been selected to play Premier Division Club cricket for Eastern Tigers Bristol Club. To play in the United Kingdom, Sofi required a no objection certificate (NOC) from JKCA.

JKCA Mehjoor Ali

Sofi approached the Secretary General of JKCA, Iqbal Shah, in relation to the same who asked for the documentation. After the documents were presented by Sofi, the secretary general denied the NOC suggesting that Sofi needs to get the certificate from the former JKCA President.

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Sofi alleged that last year, two groups of JKCA were divided on the cricket camps. The group led by former President of JKCA had organized a camp that Sofi was a part of and another camp was organized by a group led by sports minister Imran Raza Ansari where some other players participated.

Sofi further explained that Ansari’s group got recognition from BCCI and had later refused to accept Sofi’s entry in theri camp.

Is it just not sad that because of silly ego issues, players life Mehjoor Ali Sofi who can bring recognition to the state suffer?