Watch Farooq Abdullah dance with Ranveer Singh on Mastani song

Former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah gave actor Ranveer Singh a run for his money when he danced to the tune of Bajirao Mastani’s song matching each step of the actor on stage.

Much to the delight of audience seated at a show the politician went into an impromptu dance sequence with actor Ranveer Singh. The octagenarian surprised every one with his speed, zeal, and energy as he danced perfectly to fast musical beats.
Farooq later said that he loved Bollywood, and had he not joined politics, he would have explored films as a career.

Ranveer Singh and Farooq broke into a gig when the actor went on stage to get NDTV entertainer of the year award.

Later Ranveer said Farooq could give every actor a run for their money if he joined Bollywood. The duo could be stopped only after Barkha Dutt stopped the party.

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