WATCH: Pakistani bureaucrat steals wallet of Kuwaiti delegate, act gets caught on CCTV


In what would hurt Pakistan’s image in global diplomatic circles, a grade-20 officer of the country was caught on cam stealing the wallet of a delegate from Kuwait.

The dignitary was part of a high-level delegation which was in the country to discuss bilateral trade.

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The Kuwaiti delegation was in Pakistan to discuss investment plans but the accused diplomat may have been in a rush to get some money from them as soon as possible. In the CCTV footage – which has gone viral on social media – he is seen pocketing the wallet which was possibly forgotten on the discussion table.

Zarrar Haider Khan, joint secretary of the Ministry of Industries and Production and a BS-20 officer of the state bureaucracy’s elite Pakistan Administrative Service, was caught on CCTV cameras while pocketing the wallet which had a significant sum of Kuwaiti dinars, Dawn news reported.

The issue came to light when a member of the Kuwaiti delegation lodged a complaint with Pakistani officials regarding his missing wallet.

A search was conducted in the ministry and all rooms and offices were combed.

Even lower grade employees of the ministry were quizzed and physically searched but nothing was initially found.

The footage captured by a CCTV camera installed in the hall was examined later, which revealed that the theft was committed by the senior officer.

When the officer was approached, he first denied his involvement.

However, when the CCTV footage was shown to him, he produced the wallet, the sources stated.

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When the Kuwaiti officials were informed of the recovery of his wallet, the delegation asked the authorities to provide them with the identification of the culprit.

The Pakistani officials initially showed reluctance and assured the guests that legal action would be taken against the person.

However, the sources said, it was on the insistence of the delegates who were extremely angry over the incident that Pakistani officials divulged the individual’s identity and shared the CCTV footage.

Sources said that an internal inquiry was in progress against the bureaucrat and further action will be taken.

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, when asked about the incident, said that most of the present bureaucrats had received their “moral training” by the previous governments.