WATCH: Youth Beaten by two men in the middle of a crowded road in Jammu

A case of a sikh boy who was bashed publicly at Akhnoor bus stand area by two men on the 9th of May has spread like wild fire throughout the social network after the video of the beat up was posted on internet. In the video that went viral, two men, who have been identified as Sunny and Bunny and are brothers, are seen thrashing the sikh youth, who is identified as Harvinder Singh, ruthlessly.

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Upon further investigation into the matter, it was revealed that the three of them belonged to R.S.Pura and both groups were arch rivals. About three months ago, the two parties were involved in a nasty fight at R.S.Pura, following which Harvinder and his three friends were chraged with CRPC Section 307. Harvinder fled the scene and could not be traced by the police.

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Prominent Sikh leaders of the state have expressed their disgust over the situation, saying that even if the boy was a fugitive, it is only the law who can decide the punishment. People don’t get the right to abuse someone publicly by beating them up. They protested saying that the way the turban and hair of the Sikh youth were discarded, it has offended the entire community and they would not stop protesting unless the two accused men are behind bars.
IGP Danish Rana gave assurance saying that the culprits will be arrested soon and an FIR has been filed against them.

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One of the party members of United Democratic Party, Kuldeep Singh Pradhan said that a situation like this will not be tolerated where the hair of a Sikh boy have been sullied publicly. He argued that the two men be arrested within 48 hours and any failure to do so will force the party to protest on streets.
MLC Charanjeet Singh Khalsa declared that the event has hurt the sentiments of the entire community and added that after communicating with IGP Rana, he has given him word to bring justice and strict action to be taken against the culprits.

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