Watch Video: Policeman composes songs based on crimes to spread awareness


Hyderabad:In order to create “awareness”, a traffic police personnel from Hyderabad said that he has been composing songs based on crimes since 2012. A Nagamallu said that the reason behind creating crime songs is that the “present generation” is all for “entertainment” and by doing so, he is only aiding in spreading awareness.

“I have been doing this since 2012. The present generation is attracted towards entertainment, therefore I thought this was the best way to create awareness,” A Nagamallu was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

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The police personnel, in fact, also said while speaking to ANI that he has composed 20 songs so far. He uses social media platforms to showcase his songs as he said, “I have composed around 20 songs and have uploaded them on YouTube, Facebook and other social platforms.”

Nagamallu, in a bid to spread awareness about crimes, said, “My next target is to reach out to all the people across the country and spread awareness about crimes through this initiative.”

Courtesy: Anjapally Nagamallu