Water logging irking the citizens of Jammu


By Citizen Journalist Sidhaarth Gupta

With frequent showers in Jammu city, the broken and cracked roads have once again exposed the negligible preparedness and ill maintenance of the civil infrastructure of the state. The scene of water logging is irking the people in almost all the low-lying areas of the Jammu city. Water overflows from nallahs, drains to the city areas because of the improper de-silting of water bodies. This further results in blockages causing trouble for people including shopkeepers, residents and nearby localities and daily commuters.

IMG_2903 IMG_2905 IMG_2907

Now the question arises- Who is responsible? Are the authorities to be blamed for not considering the frequent pleas of the citizens and carelessly maintaining the assets of the state or is it the people who cringe when it comes to fulfill their moral responsibilities? The main cause of such blockages are the many garbage heaps that we see on almost every road in this city. The season, being rainy, worsens the situation.

The authorities should look into this and the people should also understand  that it is their duty to make the Jammu city, a neat and clean one.

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