‘We are prostitutes used by politicians’ – Says J&K Cop


Srinagar: It is common knowledge in the administration that the J&K cops are a vexed lot for having been discredited and vilified to varying lengths in different circles of state machinery. That this would be the corollary of Burhan Wani’s encounter had probably not been foreseen and this has led to growing dissent among police officials against state government’s “cold response” to their efforts.

According to report on Early Times, a young police official on Wednesday allegedly spilled the beans saying cops were being used like “prostitutes by politicians.”

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The post, which is not available anymore on his social media account on Facebook, was titled “If nobody needs us disband this institution.”

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The official wrote “And ppl* who use abuses at us on the name of Islam when we hear Azan in the back ground have become judges. Sometimes it feels like we are prostitutes used by politicians,” official said in his post.

(ppl – people)

In what can be called a long post, he said: “The doctors refuse to treat us. The society has branded us as traitors. Judiciary humiliates us at every step.”

The official, evidently miffed with the media wrote, “Media enjoys our Kabab’s and when digested shits on us.”

The official, however, said there was still some hope. “But still feel proud when an elderly lady whom we might have helped some day comes to u and says ‘fikir ma bar, dastgheer chu che seith’,” read the post.

(fikir ma bar, dastgheer chu che seith – Do not worry, God is with you)

The post notably was shared by the crème de la crème in the valley.

There is no doubt that the police officials risk their lives to restore peace in the valley and the ruling coalition was unduly targeting them even

On July 19, senior PDP leader and Member Parliament Muzaffar Hussain Beg said some police officers “betrayed” Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti.

Baig also stated that excessive force was used by government forces on civilians across Kashmir, lead to high number of casualties. “Clearly excessive force was used. That is evident from the fact that you had 2000 injuries in one single day,” he said.

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